Electronic Manufacturing Services

Bevy Electronics, Corp., offers an array of manufacturing services to fulfill a variety of needs. From manufacturing support to complete assembly builds.

Cut and Strip Services

  • Machine cut wire
  • Cut and Strip both Ends
  • Retain Slugs
  • Window Strip

Wire/Cable Termination

Basic Wire Assembly

  • Basic wire termination crimp on each end to tinning of wires.
  • Solder Terminals
  • Crimp Connections
  • RJ45 Connections

Solder / Tinning Services

  • IPC J-STD-001
  • Class 3

Harness Assembly

  • Build to print services
  • Tie Wrapping
  • Braid / Sleeving coverings

Label Services by Bevy Electronics

SumiMark IV Heat Shrink Label Printer

  • Printed labels meet SAE-AS5942 quality specifications
  • Capability to print on 1/16" to 2.00" OD
  • Print Logos, Barcodes and/or Serialized Labels
  • Standard Windows fonts and styles
  • Printed labels can be clean cut or cut scored for easier management on the production floor

Before getting ready to order, make sure you have the following information :

  • Shrink sleeve diameter
  • Shrink sleeve color
  • Shrink sleeve length
  • Shrink sleeve ratio
  • Text Color
  • Batch Size

Tyco T200 Ident Printer

  • Military Grade Labels
  • Wrap Around Labels
  • Pressure Sensitive Labels
  • High Temperature Labels
  • See Tyco website www.te.com for comprehensive list of compatiable products.

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Class Three Specification

  • Cable Assembly
  • Soldering
  • Harness Assembly

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